Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby – public livingroom in the middle of Helsinki

Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby is a public living room equipped with a stage. It has gained a lot of popularity in a short while of time as a venue for live music and motion pictures.

The restaurant can be reserved for clubs, private events, cocktail parties etc. and is open only with a prior booking. Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby is available for booking also with Kino – movie theater that’s located on the same floor.

  • private-events
  • corporate events and ”pikkujoulut”
  • seminars and socials
  • cocktail-events
  • weddings, anniversaries and graduations
  • gigs and clubs
  • movie-festivals and private-screenings

Lounge areas leather sofas, armchairs and bar fits approximately 101 people and Lobby area doubles the space. Stage is designed to fit a maximum of four artists at a time.

Private events

The premises are suitable for organizing all kinds of private- and corporate-events. In Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby we are able to tailor the event according to customers spesific wishes with, for example, certain kind of beverages, menu and programme.

Seminars and socials

The key location in Helsinki city-center, flexible opening hours and versatile services of Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby and Kino make it a perfect venue to all kinds of social gatherings.

Live gigs and clubs

Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby is equipped with most recent av-technology and a proper stage, making it one of the best places organizing live gigs and events. The staff of Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby is highly experienced and professional, which makes the event planning and executing flexible and fluent.

 Movie theatre Kino

Kino is suitable for all kinds of movie-screenings, premieres, seminars and corporate-events. It is also a well-known venue for varied types of movie festivals. Please enquire to reserve the movie theatre Kino via e-mail.

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Corona Bar & Billiard and Kafe Moskova will close in the current premises on June 19th (19.6.2019)

Dubrovnik and Kino Andorra will close in the current premises on June 1st (1.6.2019)

We thank you, our customers, for all these years and will inform you when something new is coming.